Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Skins a a TV series on E4, its a teem drama that follows the lives of a group of teenagers living in Bristol. I think that this show can only represent a small minority of teenagers, as the majority of teenagers are not a patch on this.

 Skins is extremely stereotypical, and groups all teenagers as a whole. Portraying that all teenagers are the same; binge drinking, taking drugs, using violent language and sleeping around.When realistically is only a minority that actually act in the way so the TV series does not reflect the teenagers in general. The actors in the series are are all young but the people who created skins are alot older which could show that the representation of teenagers that there making are what the older generation think of us.

This clip in particular shows the 'partying' life style us teenagers supposedly have, it shows teenagers under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and sexual references for example at the start of the clip a girl and boy going into a room alone smiling, which makes us think their going off to have sex. Which isn't the sort of thing that all teenagers get up to, the majority of teenagers don't do any of these things, especially all 3 things.
The small minority of teenagers that to act this way make people judge teenagers and class us as a subculture, which isn't a positive subculture. Illegally smoking, drinking , taking drugs and having sex is what the public eye see us to be all about. School is never really shown in skins, if it were ever to appear the teenagers would be 'up to no good'. 

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