Thursday, 28 November 2013

Research - Films Mr smith

Film 4 - TV channel in the UK and Ireland, the channel was launched on the 1st November 1998. It is owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation. Its a channel which is purely on the TV for films. Film 4 is also in cooperation with other channels including channel 4, E4, kiss and the box. 

Studio Canal - Founded in 1998, the head quarters of the company is in Paris. The company is a film making and distribution company. Originally it was French and European productions but then the company made deals with American production companies widening there audiences and opportunities. This company has the thirds largest library in the world, their library include company's like British lion films and Carolco pictures. Some of the films included in the library are Rambo and the Santa Claus  movie.

Warp- Independent film production company which is based in Sheffield and London but they also have another company in Australia. Kill list and Donkey punch were made by Warp. The company had alot more success in England than they have done in Australia.  

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