Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Five films;
Hang over 3; i like the first two films and enjoyed this one too because i love the stars o the film.
Pirates of the Caribbean; i love Johnny depp because he is funny and the films are all really interesting.
The smurfs; i used to watch the smurfs TV programme and the trailer looked cute.
Paranormal activity4; I thought the other ones were good and i wanted to watch a scary movie in the cinema.
Identity theft; I thought the trailer looked really funny.

Five music artists;
ellie goulding; i love her new song, its not the sort of song she sings
iggy azalea; i like the few songs she's brought out because there all up beat.
jessie j; her 2 recent songs have been in the charts, and I'm into chart music.
Tinie tempah; all his songs have a good beat to them.
Will.i.am; his part of songs he's featured in he talks really fast and the words he uses are all interesting and mean something.

Five tv programes;
Eastenders; i follow it religiously, i enjoy the story plot.
Friends; I've watched every episode i love the 6 main characters and i love Matt Leblanc.
Family guy; its a comedy and i find it hilarious.
Big bang theory; i love the story plot, and each episode gets funny and more interesting.
Big Brother; I watch the series because i like to watch how different people act together.

Five actors;
Dwayne Johnson; because he's Hench
Leonardo DiCaprio (when he was younger); he's attractive and he is a great actor.
Channing Tatum; Hes a good dancer
Bradly cooper; He's good at being dramatic and he's good looking.
Matt Leblanc; in friends i think he is so funny, he plays the character really well.

Five actresses;
jennifer aniston; i think shes beautiful, i love her in friends and in all the movies shes in she always expresses her true self through the character.
rebel wilson; shes such a funny actress, in pitch perfect she plays the character so well.
sandra bullock; i think she is stunning and ahe plays the role of the fbi agent in miss congeniality and makes its seem so realistic.
cameron diaz; in charlies angels she is such a star, also in the holiday she plays a typical women which is closley related to her.
reese witherspoon; in legally blonde shes all pink and girl which i love, she is a true hollywood girl. 

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